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$12 million inheritance

Posted by Admin on November 29, 2012

A 95-year-old widow left all his property to a neighbor as a sign of gratitude. The man inherited property worth nearly $ 12 million that helped her daily business in recent years: he bought milk and bread and take out the garbage.

Australian Betty Harris was very grateful to his neighbors for help and decided to go in will. “They would be surprised if they inherit a while my whole family is waiting for me to die.’m Determined that my family will not receive a penny, after all the ordeal to which I was subjected to,” said the widow shortly before to die, according to the Daily Mail.

She had no children and not have contact with any close relative.

After his death, relatives started a war on its property. Although no longer had spoken for 13 years, grandson claims that the will is invalid because Betty Harris was not of sound mind when he wrote.

A document previously named heir to one of the granddaughters of women. Testament was canceled after the widow learned that she was going to intern in a nursing home and to take possession of money earlier.


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Earthquake of 6.3 degrees in Indonesia

Posted by Admin on November 28, 2012

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of eastern today Indonesia, according to Indonesian Geophysics Agency (BMKG).

Earthquake hypocenter, which occurred at 10.56 GMT at a depth of 12 km, is about 157 Tual city, the Moluccas (East).

According to the announcement posted on the agency website was not issued a tsunami alert. Also have been reported at this time, no injuries or damage.

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Posted by Admin on November 28, 2012 site does not work for a few hours to several users and on came to a time of a message “Algerian hacker ‘message ended with the words” to be continued “.

UPDATE folks at Google say their services in Romania have not suffered and adds that they are in contact with the organization responsible for managing domain names from Romania. And site was “failed” time.


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Charlie Head – Bam Bam’s savior

Posted by Admin on October 20, 2012

A dog rescued by a rower at the last minute before being swallowed water

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